Bootleg Books

In my bootleg series I recreate some of my favorite photo books based on frame captures of online book review videos.

Astronomical. The Bootleg
A bootleg copy of Mishka Henner’s acclaimed Astronomical.


A New American Picture. The Bootleg
The second book in Zschiegner’s bootleg series contains images of Doug Rickard’s A New American Picture. Rickard uses images from Google Street View and re-photographs them from his screen with a tripod-mounted camera. Zschiegner adds yet another level of transformation by capturing screenshots of an online review of the book and turning them into a bootleg book version. Inspired by movie bootleggers who film new release movies with handheld video cameras and sell them as cheap DVDs on the street, the bootleg books are both a commentary on the economics of distribution and the transformative element of digital content across various media. The original image of street scenes transformed into reproductions by Rickard — turned into a book by Aperture — turned into an online video — and finally converted back into a book.

The Last Resort. The Bootleg
A bootleg copy of Martin Parr’s The Last Resort.